Why I Give

Ellen Lindgren
Leaving a positive legacy is a given for me

Why Ellen gives: “I see the Foundation as a wonderful way to provide experiences for our students and staff that are beyond what our district budget can afford. When I was on the school board, I heard about other districts with successful foundations. It seemed like a big oversight in a district with so many resources that our district didn’t have a foundation to accept donations for worthwhile opportunities for our students. I was an early advocate for the creation of the Foundation and haven’t looked back!”

About Ellen’s gift: “Hopefully my gift will enable a student of color to go to college to become a teacher in our district, adding much needed diversity to our staff. Grow Your Own is a program that I’m passionate about which will make a big difference in our schools.”

Ellen’s advice for those considering making a legacy gift: “If you are contemplating how to leave your estate, I encourage you to put the Education Foundation at the top of your list. You have great flexibility in what area you want to benefit from your gift. It’s a sure way to make a lasting, positive difference in our community.”

Kathy Nieber-Lathrop
Charitable giving after a 30-year career in the schools

Why Kathy gives: “After 30 years working with kids in grades kindergarten through 12, I knew after I retired from my school counselor position in MCPASD, I wanted – actually needed – to continue my involvement with the district and the Middleton community. I love kids. My educational mantra has always been, ‘Let’s do what’s best for them.’”

About Kathy’s gift: Her unrestricted gift will go towards the Foundation’s highest priorities in its work to support the district’s efforts to improve student achievement across all demographic groups by focusing on equitable practices.

Kathy’s advice for those considering making a legacy gift: “Meet with your attorney and make a legacy gift in your will. Do it now. For those of us who are seventy and one-half years old, we can make a contribution now from our required minimum distributions (RMDs), and the Foundation will get the amount before taxes. So, more money. Great idea, right?”