Colleen Johnson from Sunset Ridge Elementary School is a 2022 Inspiration Grant Recipients

Six programs across four MCPASD schools have been selected to receive Inspiration Grants from the MCPASD Education Foundation.

The annual grants to MCPASD teachers and staff fund innovative and unique programs that complement the district’s educational goals by going beyond the traditional learning environment to create truly inspiring experiences. This year’s grant recipients include:

  • At the High School, an effort to source and acquire sustainable lumber for woodworking and include students in all aspects of the supply processing and acquisition; and a project to launch a new technology class centered on game design
  • At Kromrey Middle School, funding to bring talent from American Players Theater into the school as part of a unit on Greek plays
  • At Sauk Trail Elementary School, funding to bring world music and jazz artists into the school, and
  • At Sunset Ridge Elementary School, expansion of a new approach to engaging elementary school students in art, and purchase of supplies such as crayons, colored pencils and markers that represent all skin tones.

Since 2013, the foundation has made more than 125 grants, worth nearly $135,000 in total, to support creative initiatives in all 11 MCPASD schools. This year’s grants total $9,640, ranging from $250 and $2,500 each, to support projects that accomplish one or more of the following objectives:

  • Improve student engagement through student voice and choice.
  • Improve student engagement through innovative practices.
  • Improve student engagement by promoting a growth mindset in all students.
  • Improve student engagement through relationships with all students.
  • Enhance student or adult engagement through physical or mental well-being.

“We are proud to be able to help district teachers and staff turn their great ideas into reality,” said the foundation’s Executive Director Amber Kiggens-Leifheit. “Their creativity fuels innovative and inclusive programs that inspire all our district learners.”