The Education Foundation supports the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District’s efforts to improve student achievement across all demographic groups by focusing on equitable practices – the heart of an inclusive, innovative and inspiring learning community. We award staff grants and student scholarships annually, and fund programs and activities aligned with the district’s priorities each school year.

Recently, we’ve received a lot of questions about our role in the Otto Breitenbach Stadium Project and how it fits in with our overall mission.

We are proud to help facilitate the kinds of public-private partnerships that elevate our district in multiple ways.

The Stadium Project includes plans to build one of Wisconsin’s most innovative high school stadiums. A unique public-private partnership, with cooperation and support from citizens and families, alumni, businesses, and the District, has launched this effort and the Foundation is playing a role in connecting these supporters with one another and facilitating the collection and transfer of funds.

Since our founding in 2011, we’ve been honored to partner with the district as well as local businesses and community members to invest in our students, staff and schools. As an established nonprofit 501c3 organization, we collect donations from supporters who share our belief in the value of education and distribute that money back out to fund programs across the school district. As always, when donors contribute to the Foundation, they can choose how their money will be used.

Supporters of the Stadium Project can make a contribution to the Education Foundation and designate it to the MHS Athletic Project. These donations will, of course, be passed along to the public-private partnership organization that is spearheading this initiative. No other Education Foundation funds or donations are going towards the stadium project.

If you’ve donated to our Annual Appeal, participated in our Room Sponsorship Campaign, or marked an online contribution to any other initiative, including “Undesignated – use where we need it most,” your gift will support our core efforts to provide more opportunities for our staff and students – especially those who need help the most. These programs include support for students’ basic needs, including school lunches and breakfasts, personal hygiene items, and the Weekend Food Program; as well as our funding for equity-focused curriculum development and reading material and a host of grants and scholarships.
We are proud to have earned a Platinum Seal of Transparency from and provide comprehensive reporting on our impact through public disclosures and reports to the Board of Education. If you have further questions about our work, please feel free to reach out to us at or to attend our upcoming Town Hall.