Dear MCPASD Families,

We certainly know how challenging this year has been for so many of our children and families. But the important work of the MCPASD Education Foundation never stops and we are reaching out again to ask for your support. We don’t have a matching sponsor for 2020, but we have already secured more than $20,000 in pledges, including commitments from every Foundation board member. Thank you to everyone who has already donated!

We are excited to continue to support students and staff in the District. We are writing to share how donors’ contributions made an impact on MCPASD students and teachers this past year, and how we hope to continue working with you to invest in our community’s future.

Our focus continues to be how we can partner with the District and with you to support all our students and teachers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has also led us to shift our priorities.

2020-21 Priorities

We so much appreciate our donors’ support since mid-March as we have raised more than $90,000, which has been used to provide meals and personal hygiene supplies for our most disadvantaged students. Providing meals and personal hygiene supplies for students in need will continue to be our No. 1 priority this school year, and it may take at least $80,000 to continue funding these efforts.

With so much uncertainty, our goals have shifted a bit. We still believe the arts are important, but we are committed more than ever to equity and making sure all students succeed. We held a Virtual Access for All campaign this fall that raised $50,000 to provide devices for families who can’t afford internet access so that all District students can engage in virtual learning.

With the District’s help, we will also focus this year’s appeal on Anti-Racism Curriculum to develop grade-level/content-based curriculum for students in kindergarten through 12th grade and be implemented starting in the 2020-21 school year. We are thrilled all of our Foundation board members and many of our regular donors have generously pledged to support the 2020 appeal. We are grateful for their support and for their shared belief in the value of education and commitment to providing more opportunities for MCPASD students and staff. 

Please check out our 2019-20 impact report to learn how students and teachers benefited from our work in the past year and look through the giving sheet to see how your donation can make an impact in our District in 2020-21. Click the donate button above to make a contribution. Thank you for your support!

Luke Fuszard
Education Foundation Board Chair 

Please note: A portion of donations made to the Education Foundation are set aside for operating and managerial expenses. Please contact Executive Director Amber Kiggens-Leifheit with questions. Thank you.