Education Foundation Awards Five Scholarships to MCPASD Seniors

The Education Foundation is honored to award $6,200 in scholarships to five graduating Middleton High School seniors: Maya Becker, Eliot Jean, Aslin Morales Colon, Shruti Parthasarathy and Ashlyn Phaneuf. Below are details about recipients’ scholarships and their future plans. Please join the Education Foundation in congratulating our 2020 scholarship recipients and wishing them all the best in continuing their education!

Middleton Education Foundation Scholarship ($500, 4-year renewing)

Shruti Parthasarathy: Plans to attend Yale and major in global health. “In college, I hope to research at a neuroscience laboratory, where I will create studies utilizing fMRIs to understand how clinically stressed patients respond to the consistent practice of Bharatanatyam. Understanding how historically underrepresented art forms stimulate the brain from a neurological perspective will help diversify the field of art therapy. Ultimately, I hope to spend my career unearthing multicultural, multi-applicable therapy programs that shine a beacon of hope to diverse communities.”

Middleton Future Scholars Scholarships ($1,600, each)

Aslin Morales Colon: Plans to attend Caribbean University or Universidad Ana G. Mendez (Puerto Rico) to major in counseling or social work. “I would like to work with children in a hospital or clinic setting and help them with any of the trauma that they are going through. I would like to pursue my education and career in Puerto Rico, my home country, because it is a poor country that does not have the same health care system that most of the US has. It’s important to me to give back to my community because though many Puerto Ricans go to school in Puerto Rico, they often come back to the states to work because of higher wages.”

Eliot Jean: Plans to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison or University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and major in engineering. “I want to go to UW Madison and major in engineering and minor in chemistry. My passion is engineering. I want to experience college life and participate in a lot of different activities and clubs.”

Mighty Middleton Scholarships ($500, each)

Ashlyn Phaneuf: Plans to attend Carroll University and major in exercise science. “I have always been eager and had big dreams and goals in every single part of my life. My educational goals include being a first-generation college graduate and going to graduate school to get my master’s to become an occupational therapist.”

Maya Becker: Plans to attend Boston University or Carleton College and major in healthcare. “Working as a CNA in memory care didn’t come easily to me at first. I often became overwhelmed with feelings of sadness for the residents because of their diseases, declining mental abilities, and deteriorating physical strength. It took me a while to realize that this strong compassion and empathy I felt for the residents didn’t mean I had to be sad all the time. Instead, my emotions motivated toward a more constructive direction, I was soon able to balance my personal and professional emotions. This will help me in the future because when working in healthcare, compassion for others is essential.”