Donors’ Dollars Make an Impact: Elm Lawn

Theoni Acosta, receiving her grant in April 2019.

As part of the Education Foundation’s annual fundraiser, we asked MCPASD staff who received a grant to share how the funds are making an impact. The Education Foundation awarded 10 grants worth $16,091 to staff in 2018-19.

Today we hear from Elm Lawn music teacher Theoni Acosta, who received a $2,500 grant. She used the grant to purchase xylophones and a contrabass bar, getting the percussion instrument-to student-ratio closer to 1:2 and cultivating a culture of improvisation and free play.

“The money has already made an impact on my music students’ learning,” Acosta explained. “National music standards call for performing, creating and responding in the elementary classroom. We’ve been able to purchase more Orff percussion instruments – xylophones and bass bars – so that students have more chances to perform and explore through improvisation during each lesson. There is less ‘down time’ in the classroom as students don’t have to wait as long to play an instrument.”

The Education Foundation funds grants for innovative and unique programs that complement the district’s educational goals. Since 2013, the Foundation has awarded more than 100 grants worth approximately $105,000.

Donors’ support makes it possible for us to help MCPASD schools.

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