Donors’ Dollars Make an Impact: Sauk Trail

As part of the Education Foundation’s annual fundraiser, we asked MCPASD staff who received a grant to share how the funds are making an impact. The Education Foundation awarded 10 grants worth $16,091 to staff in 2018-19.

Today we hear from Sauk Trail teacher Jeanette Wiederhoeft, who is part of the school’s Two-Way Immersion (TWI) team that received a $1,000 grant.

“We have used half of the money to purchase authentic language books by Latino authors, which have been added to our 2nd grade Spanish classroom library,” Wiederhoeft explained. “Our bilingual students have already been pouring over these books during reading and have favorite titles in their book boxes!”

She added, “Students are developing respect and appreciation for craft and literature that looks different from resources they are typically presented with in the United States. We will be using the remainder of our grant money to design a celebration focused on el Dia del niñ,o which we will hold in spring. This program will include investigating how Children’s Day is celebrated in different Latin American countries.”

Wiederhoeft explained the benefits of engaging students in these cultural experiences.

“We are allowing our bilingual students to be recognized, giving them a learning and teaching platform to show their pride in their heritage and share it with others,” she said. “Thank you again for allowing us to provide these opportunities for our students!”

The Education Foundation funds grants for innovative and unique programs that complement the district’s educational goals. Since 2013, the Foundation has awarded more than 100 grants worth approximately $105,000.

Donors’ support makes it possible for us to help MCPASD schools.

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