Donors’ Dollars Make an Impact: West Middleton

West Middleton teacher Marnie Hyland, with social workers Emily Stockbridge and Jen Lombardi, receiving Education Foundation grants in April 2019.

As part of the Education Foundation’s annual fundraiser, we asked MCPASD staff who received a grant to share how the funds are making an impact. The Education Foundation awarded 10 grants worth $16,091 to staff in 2018-19.

Today, we hear from West Middleton art teacher Marnie Hyland, who received a $2,100 grant for an art room accommodation station. Her grant is expanding traditional art curriculum with sensory tools geared towards students with special needs and those requiring trauma-informed care.

“The art room accommodation station gives students more choice,” Hyland explained. “They can choose sensory tools, finding the perfect fit that helps calm and focus their mind. And, they can choose enriching art activities, going above and beyond the traditional art curriculum. Giving students choice boosts engagement, self-confidence and motivation.” 

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The Education Foundation funds grants for innovative and unique programs that complement the district’s educational goals. Since 2013, the Foundation has awarded more than 100 grants worth approximately $105,000.

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