Supporting the Weekend Food Program as It Expands

The Education Foundation is honored to support the Weekend Food Program, a collaborative effort between local churches, Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM) and the MCPASD.

The program provides healthy snacks and small, easy-to-prepare meals for MCPASD children in need. Food is sent home with children in bags on Fridays during much of the school year.

In 2019-2020, the Weekend Food Program is supporting nearly 190 students in need, with the first round of food distribution on Oct. 3. It’s free to all students in the District’s six elementary schools and at Glacier Creek and the Middleton Youth Center, which Kromrey students can attend after school.

17% of MCPASD students receive free or reduced lunch

In the past two years, we’ve raised more than $15,000 for the program. If you’d like to contribute, donations can be made online or via mail.

If you contribute online, please note that your contribution is for the Weekend Food Program in the text box through PayPal.

To contribute via mail, please send a check made out to the MCPASD Education Foundation to the District Services Center, 7106 South Ave., Middleton. Please include Weekend Food Program in the memo line.

$6.60 buys a bag of weekend food for 1 student

$112.20 ensures that 1 student will receive a bag every week for a semester

$224.40 covers 1 student for the entire school year

To learn more learn more about eligibility for the program and its history, read the District’s article here.