Practicing Yoga at Park

The Foundation is sharing stories from grant and scholarship recipients to show how funding makes an impact. Hear how MCPASD staff, teachers and students are using their grants and scholarships, and see how your dollars make a difference!

Luke Kramer, a fourth grade teacher at Park, received a $500 grant to develop a “yoga in the classroom” program.

“With this grant I purchased a classroom set of yoga mats,” Kramer says. “This grant has allowed students to slow down the pace of their busy day to be mindful of their breath and their bodies. The grant gave me the funds to provide students with a tool that engages them more fully in the practice of yoga.”

He sees benefits to student learning in ways he didn’t expect.

“In addition to more formal yoga practices, the mats also provide students with flexible seating during work time,” he says. “They can lay down on a comfortable surface to work, thus keeping them much more engaged and comfortable than if they were working at their desk all day!”

He has noticed the difference it’s made for his students as well as personally.

“I feel more compelled to take time to work with students on their mindful practices in the classroom,” Kramer explains. “Students look forward to this time and are significantly more focused on their classwork. As a teacher, I feel more of a sense of calm when interacting with students, especially in potentially high-stress situations.”

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