Executive director Perry Hibner, along with Education Foundation board members Zach Galin and Tom Kobinsky, updated the Board of Education at its regular meeting on Monday, June 26 on the work of the non-profit organization.

Hibner noted the 15-member, all-volunteer board has now raised close to $250,000 for its general endowment fund with Madison Community Foundation and also started a second fund for disadvantaged students this past year that already has close to $25,000. Hibner pointed out the Foundation has also raised at least $81,000 in donations the past three years, including nearly $15,000 from its annual appeal in 2016, the most it has ever raised.

He briefly reviewed the 12 inspiration grants the Foundation awarded to staff members in April. The Foundation has awarded more than 70 grants worth approximately $72,000 since 2013. He also said each school received $1,000 to purchase Makerspace materials as part of a separate $10,000 gift the Foundation made to the District earlier in the year.

“That’s so exciting because it benefits every school and every student,” he said. “We’ve heard lots of positive feedback from students and staff about this.”

The Foundation also awarded two scholarships to graduating seniors Jessica Wang and Andrea Aranda Sanchez in May. Sanchez and Wang each plan to attend UW-Madison in the fall. The two scholarships will be worth up to $3,250, he said.

Hibner was excited to report the Foundation received 501(c)3 status this past year. He noted this will make it easier for the Foundation to be more responsive to prospective donors who aren’t necessarily interested in seeing their funds go into an endowment fund.

Hibner also thanked Brenda Delabarre, Mathiam Mbow Bill Reis, Rick Sanders and Melodee Vogt, who all either resigned or left the Foundation board after their terms expired over the past year.

Finally, Hibner went over the transition plan as he will be stepping down as executive director in the coming months. The Foundation board plans to take on the administrative duties he has handled and is discussing whether to hire someone in a part-time capacity on a commission basis to raise funds. The plan also includes having Hibner become a member of the Foundation board.